Piano Lessons in Kettering & Keyboard Lessons

Piano Lessons in Kettering & Keyboard Lessons

In our piano lessons we go through three vital skills that make the best musician:

Reading: Key to a successful pianist is being able to read proficiently, that includes accuracy and reading upon sight (Sight Reading). Step by step we will bring your reading up to the standard that satisfies you.

Timing: Rhythm and timing is just as important! It is known that a human has an unconscious rhythm system, and it is carried out every day from the simplest of things like writing notes to precision work like soldering. What we try to do is to tap into that area and apply it to music; some people have better timing than others whereas some may need tweaking.

Emotive Study: Music is like poetry, therefore every piece has it’s own character. We help students to understand the feeling of a piece, and guide them through various performance techniques.

Lessons can be geared towards examinations, performances, or just as a hobby.

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